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ICMRA Executive Committee response to situation in Ukraine

The ICMRA Executive Committee is deeply concerned with the ongoing and evolving situation in Ukraine. 

Following a request from an ICMRA member, the Executive Committee met on 2 March 2022 and agreed on the following response. As an immediate step Russian Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) representatives will no longer be invited to upcoming ICMRA meetings, teleconferences and workstreams, and will no longer be included in information exchanges.

The Executive Committee is committed to continue monitoring the situation and will explore the need for a revision of the ICMRA Terms of Reference.

Response from Emer Cooke, Chair of ICMRA and EMA’s Executive Director, to letter from Professor Grzegorz Cessak, the President of the Polish Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products, asking for ICMRA action due to the situation in Ukraine.