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Crisis Management

Standard Operating Procedure for Crisis Management

October 13, 2022

Global health crises, including public health emergencies of international concern, are by nature unpredictable, multifaceted and involve multiple external stakeholders in addition to regulators.  Hence, it is important to clarify the role of regulators and to open pathways for international engagement in a coordinated, aligned regulatory and policy response with a collaborative communication strategy.

A framework was developed by ICMRA for the involvement of Regulatory Authorities in the management of global health crises, which was published as the ICMRA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Crisis Management, in 2019.

In 2022, the protocol was updated to provide experiences, learnings and real-life examples related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It describes types of scenarios that Regulatory Authorities may encounter during a public health crise, the principles, roles, and responsibilities, as well as strategies for communication and international collaboration.

Framework for the Involvement of Health Regulatory Authorities in the Management of Global Health Crises